To members of the Berkeley City Council:

Please support the approved plans for the rebuilding of our city's four branch libraries.  As a 30-year resident of Berkeley, I am proud of our citizens for voting in 2008 to support its libraries.  Citizens recovnized that libraries encourage reading, literature and literacy as well as provide other valuable services to the community.

As a member of BAHA I respect how the past must merge with the future.  I respect the people who have studied and evaluated how to improve our library buildings.  As a member of BAHA, I recognize that a structure is not precious just because it's old.  Tough decisions based on cost efficiency are in order for times we live in.  Decisions must be made for the common good.  Of course if money were no object other decisions might be made.  Cose-efficiency is key to our survival as a city.

Thank you.
Julie Nachtwey

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